Rosario Navarro

Rosario Navarro

President, SOFOFA

Rosario Navarro is president of the Confederation of Chilean Industry (SOFOFA) and has a distinguished career in the business community in Chile. With strong emphasis in innovation and digital transformation, she has held the position of vice-president at SONDA, senior partner at IDEMAX Business Consulting, and serves as a member of the board at various companies. 

With a career spanning over 20 years, she has been able to embody her innovative vision and leadership in the field of technology and IT services in Latin America and has advised numerous organizations in the design and implementation of innovation and technological development projects. 

Furthermore, Rosario is member of the board of directors at CSIRO Chile, a scientific and industrial research organization of the Commonwealth of Australia, where she has been able to contribute her experience and knowledge in the technological field. 

In the field of public-private cooperation, she has been a regular member of ABAC-Chile and is part of the Presidential Advisory Council CTCI. Before taking office as president of SOFOFA, she was part of the executive committee and elective counselor of the Confederation, where she actively contributed as a member of the Business Evolution Committee, Citizens Dialogue Initiative, and various Education Initiatives. Her collaborative approach and her ability to build networks between businesses, academics, scientists and agents of the public and private sector have been key in promoting growth and transformation in multiple sectors. 

Rosario has also held positions in organizations such as Fundación Chile where she served as director of Innovation in ICT and Education; in Educar Chile, and at Universidad Andrés Bello, where she served as the director of Communications and Marketing