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Roberto Wagmaister


Roberto Wagmaister is CEO and founder of gA (Grupo ASSA), a global technology company that uses digital platforms and transformation services to empower companies. He started gA in 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, together with 16 entrepreneurial consultants, leaving behind his position as consulting practice partner at Ernst & Young. Mr. Wagmaister has been the driving force behind the international expansion of gA, which now has 1300 consultants in 11 offices across the Americas. In 2017, he founded Parabolt, a digital incubator that transforms ideas into digital ventures. Roberto is a founding member and executive vice president of Argencon, the Argentine knowledge-based services association and think tank. He is a recognized entrepreneur in the technology industry, and a frequent speaker at Digital Transformation events. Mr. Wagmaister holds an Accounting degree from the Buenos Aires University.