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Pilar Arizmendi-Stewart

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Americas, Palladium Hotel Group

Pilar Arizmendi is a hospitality executive with an MBA and over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, public relations, advertising, as well as hotel operations. Born and raised in Mexico, Pilar has always been passionate about selling Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Her bi-cultural experience has helped her to successfully bridge the business across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Lartin America, and European and Asian markets. She has built a solid relationship with the travel industry around the world. Pilar has been working with Palladium Hotel Group since last September 2018. Her main responsibility is to position the brand in the major luxury markets such as United States, Canada, and Mexico, and to drive business to the natural destinations where Palladium properties are located, in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Italy, and Spain.