Oussama Fatri

Vice President, Consumer and Wealth Management, Goldman Sachs

Oussama Fatri is responsible for developing customized analytics and asset allocation solutions for both institutional and private investors, as well as advising clients on a range of investment topics such as portfolio construction, risk management, and implementation best practices. Earlier in his career, Oussama was a key contributor in the design of ISG’s Strategic Factor Allocation process and the quantitative research behind it. He also assisted in quantitative modeling and analysis for ISG’s tactical asset allocation. He joined Goldman Sachs in January 2010.

Oussama graduated from the Columbia University M.S. in Financial Engineering Program in December 2009. He also received a M.S. in Applied Mathematics from École Centrale Paris in France, a B.S. in Probabilities from Université Paris VI and a B.S. in Physics from Université Paris X.