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Nico Garcia Mayor

Founder and CEO, Cmax System Inc.

Nicolas Garcia Mayor is an Argentine entrepreneur and industrial designer focused in humanitarian development, social innovation and environmental preservation. Garcia Mayor worked and lived in Europe conducting various architectural and innovation design projects. Since 2000 he has worked as an industrial humanitarian designer, identifying, designing, developing and implementing innovative solutions in countries in South America and abroad, including Haiti, Mexico, United States, China, Austria, Spain, France, United Arab Emirates. Today, his designs travel around the globe and have been showcased in many countries.

Among other recognitions, in 2014 JCI awarded Garcia Mayor with Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World TOYP for his contribution to children, world peace, and human rights. With his humanitarian innovation called Cmax System, he was invited to present in the 68th the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. Garcia Mayor was also invited to Vatican City by Pope Francis, who blessed his project for the humanitarian work refugees. The government of Argentina honored him with one of the country’s highest awards, the Ambassador of Argentina Country Brand, and the Argentine Senate bestowed the award for Latin America Development Leadership on him. In 2016, the U.S. government gave him permanent residency status, citing “extraordinary ability” and “brilliant talent.”