Marta Deus

Founder of Deus Expertos Contables, Co-Founder of Mandao and Negolution Magazine

Marta Elisa Deus Rodriguez is a self-employed professional and the founder of Deus Expertos Contables and co-founder of Mandao and Negolution Magazine. After living in Spain where she studied Business Administration, Deus sensed an emerging need for accounting, tax and financial services in the burgeoning private sector of her native Havana. Since 2013, DEUS has helped an emerging class of self-employed professionals develop business plans, market their services and otherwise navigate the still evolving system of regulations, contracts and licenses necessary to operate a private business in Cuba. Mandao, a delivery company  with an app focus in food with 10.000 users and works with more than 80 businesses. Negolution, a magazine about business from Cuba and the rest of the world, created to empower and support the private sector in Cuba. Marta has organized events for entrepeneurs, where experts from Yahoo teached them pitch and design thinking, and through the magazine she has sponsored events as The week of Innovation at University of Havana, The Hour of Code and Noviembre de Emprendedores among others.