Maria Elosua

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, New York University

Maria Elosua is adjunct assistant professor of urban planning at New York University. Elosua is an urban designer, architect, and planner with over 20 years of wide-ranging experience. Her professional training and experience have included work in both Mexico and the United States. Elosua was a graduate studio workshop instructor at the City Planning Department, School of Fine Arts for University of Pennsylvania. She has worked on diverse projects, from regional planning to specific urban revitalization plans. As a city planner of the county of San Pedro Garza Garcia in Monterrey, Mexico, Elosua developed more than 50 projects for the county. Additionally, over the past five years, she has worked in various planning projects in Monterrey, including a masterplan for the International Airport Mariano Escobedo and its surroundings, a conceptual plan for the PIIT (Technological Innovation and Research Park of the State of Nuevo Leon) and several mixed-use developments for the private sector. Elosua has a masters of city planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a master of science in architecture from MIT as well.