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Lyana Latorre

Senior Director of Corporate Social Engagement, Arcos Dorados

Lyana Latorre is the head of corporate social engagement at Arcos Dorados, McDonald's' largest franchisee worldwide, spanning from Mexico to the southern hemisphere covering a total of 20 countries and more than 2,100 restaurants. Latorre joined Arcos in 2011 where she coordinated the Ronald McDonald House Charities program for Latin America, growing the operation from 21 to 54 programs in 13 countries. In 2016, she created the Corporate Social Engagement Department within Arcos Dorados, covering all 20 countries where the company has operations, with a special focus on youth employment and sustainability. Prior to joining Arcos, Latorre had a successful career as investment banker in Boston and San Francisco, where she eventually took a sabbatical to dedicate herself full time as a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation, unexpectedly leading her into her true passion and a completely different career path.