Liber Puente Baró

Founder, TostoneT

Liber Puente Baró is a Cuban engineer who graduated from the Technical University of Havana (CUJAE) in 2000. He gathered international experience working as a diplomat officer at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 12 years while he conducted international academic studies on economics and international collaboration. In 2012, he co-founded a small company name TostoneT dedicated to informatics and communication services to individuals, businesses, and companies. After 8 years of leading a team of 15 collaborators, TostoneT has been able to services multiple local clients more than 30 Cuban companies as well as some international firms. He finished an MBA program in London, the UK after been awarded a British government scholarship in 2017. Nowadays, Liber is a fellow researcher that combines the experience as an active entrepreneur, coacher, and collaborator at the University of Havana and the Technical University of Havana.