Julian Nebreda

President, South America

Julian Nebrada is president of AES in South America where he leads our business over four geographies and serves a diverse set of customers with sustainable solutions that meet their energy needs. His international experience in the broad energy, finance, legal and public sectors has shaped his leadership throughout AES to align and energize our people around our strategy to create value  on the communities where we work. Originally trained as a lawyer specialized in finance, Julian has since focused his career directing AES businesses across Europe, Central America and the Caribbean. He has a proven track record managing our diverse businesses and confronting diverse strategic challenges in a variety of geographic and cultural settings. How he accelerates the future of energy is as diverse as his international experience, from managing major construction projects like the Andrés generation facility in the Dominican Republic, the first LNG terminal in the Caribbean to leading the transformation of AES Gener in Chile from a traditional generator to a renewable company focus on offering sustainable solutions to its customers.  Before joining AES, he made impacts in the public sector with the Inter-American Development Bank, where served as Counselor to the Executive Director of Venezuela and Panama. Julian graduated cum laude from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas. He later earned a master of laws in common law with a Fulbright fellowship and a master of laws in securities and financial regulations from Georgetown University. Julian is married to Adela Bello and has four grown children. His family has been enriched by the wide array of experiences that his diverse career with AES has provided to all of them. He enjoys running and spending time with his dog, Luna.