Juan Carlos Mora

Juan Carlos Mora

CEO, Bancolombia

Juan Carlos Mora was appointed in 2016 as the CEO of Bancolombia, to lead a financial group of roughly thirty thousand employees entrusted with the mission of generating an outstanding experience for more than eleven million clients in Colombia, Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador.

During his 27-year career in Grupo Bancolombia, Juan Carlos has built a leadership pathway across all areas of the organization. He started his career in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking, then occupying senior positions in diverse areas such as, Chief Risk Officer, Chief IT Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Corporate Vice President of Innovation and Digital Transformation.

Juan Carlos has played a crucial role in the Group’s internationalization, envisioning and executing a strategy to build a leading regional financial group across Colombia, Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador.

His professional education with a Business Administration degree from EAFIT University in Medellín, Colombia, and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Babson College in Massachusetts, USA, has enabled him to be the promoter of key initiatives of modernization, transformation, intra-entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Coordinated under his responsibility was Bancolombia’s listing in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which has been a constant since 2011 and has allowed the Bank to be recognized as the most sustainable bank in Latin America and seventh worldwide. Additionally, and based on a strong conviction of the pivotal role that banking has in our society, he has accompanied the transformation of Bancolombia’s Foundation to act as connector between rural communities and business opportunities.

Between April 2018 and April 2020, Juan Carlos was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASOBANCARIA, Colombian Banking and Financial Institutions Association. He was responsible for helping build the agenda of the industry for the forthcoming years.