Idil Yasa

Idil Yasa

Regional President, Americas, JTI

Idil Yasa was appointed to JTI’s Executive Committee as Regional President, Americas, in September 2021. She is responsible for the region’s performance, development and growth. 

Idil brings a wealth of commercial experience with more than 20 years at JTI, across a wide range of business disciplines. She holds Turkish and Swiss nationalities. 

Prior to taking up her current role, she held the General Manager position for the CzHuSk (Czech, Hungary, Slovakia) markets cluster. 

Idil was appointed Strategy and Insights Vice President in 2017 in HQ Marketing and Sales global function. Before that, she led JTI’s strategic corporate response against the Branding Ban regulations. 

In 2008, Idil joined the CIS+ Region, serving as the Marketing and Sales Vice President for 7 years, and from 2006 she led the Global Winston Brand group’s strategy and portfolio pillar, after moving to Geneva HQ to join the Brand group in 2004. 

From 1998, she held several positions of increasing responsibilities within the JTI Turkey marketing team. Prior to her experience in JTI, she worked 4 years for the Adidas group in Turkey. 

She has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey.