Gabriela Frías

Gabriela Frías

Anchor, CNN en Español

Gabriela Frías is a Mexican journalist with more than two decades of experience in the field. Frías is currently the anchor of Panorama Mundial, CNN en Espanol’s primetime newscast which presents the most relevant news events of the region and the world. 

Before her current role, Frías was at the helm of CNN Redaccion Mexico since November of 2021. Drawing from her expertise in business and the economy, she also anchored Mercado México, the network’s program dedicated to entrepreneurship, conversations with multinational leaders, trends in digitalization and business, sustainability, and energy transition. 

Frías was an international and Latin American financial news anchor on CNN for more than 13 years, interviewing world leaders, reporting on global financial issues, traveling to high-level events such as the G-20 in Mexico and the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland or Geneva in the World Trade Organization. She is recognized as a leader in business journalism in Latin America. 

Frías joined CNN in Atlanta in 2000 as a producer and contributor to CNN en Español's nightly business program. She then went on to host her own personal finance show En Efectivo, which launched in 2001 and aired for ten years. In 2010, she moderated México 2020, an initiative between CNN en Español and, with a view of Mexico’s next decade and the country's objectives. 

In late 2010, Frías brought her business journalism experience to CNN en Español's primetime slot, joining co-anchor Xavier Serbia for the launch of CNN Dinero. She later hosted Portfolio Global, a daily show with the latest from the rapidly-changing world of business to give business leaders new information solutions for economic success. 

She has interviewed presidents, ministers, and high-level financial and economic authorities, including: Christine Lagarde, Director General of the International Monetary Fund, former Director General Dominique Strauss-Kahn during the financial crisis; and an exclusive interview with then-Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunnus. 

Frías often contributes to economic education by moderating and participating in forums throughout the region. She also provides a Latin American perspective for sister networks CNN International and CNN US. But her contributions to CNN have not been limited to business. She was involved in covering the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States and the war in Iraq. Frías also traveled to Arizona to report on immigration reform. 

Frías began her journalism career as a business reporter for Reforma, one of the most important newspapers in Mexico. In 1998, she held the dual position of co-anchor and journalist for Negocios México, a joint project between Reforma and CNN en Español. She graduated with honors from the Carlos Septién School of Journalism in Mexico City, which in 2021 awarded her the National Journalism Award. She speaks fluent Spanish, English and French. Her Twitter is @Gfrias.