Exequiel Bunge

CEO and Co-Founder, growPack

Exequiel Bunge is the CEO and Co-Founder of growPack, where he creates novel biomaterials that are sustainable across their whole life cycle. Bunge combines his creative drive with his love for science, technology, and the environment. Bunge and his Co-Founder Sean Tenorio are in the process of setting up a demo plant in São Paulo for their packaging product that uses corn husk as the main raw material. which they describe as similar to cardboard, but with greater functionality. The planet’s wellbeing and the circular economy are Bunge’s passion, and it’s his life mission to make them a reality for all of us. 

A creative by trade, he studied cinematographic music composition at the Pontific Catholic University of Argentina, after studying industrial engineering for three years. A music producer, DJ, and promoter, in 2018 Bunge and Tenorio founded growPack eight months after joining the Naves entrepreneurship program at IAE Business School. With their growPack proposal, they came in second place in the Business Idea competition from over 1,000 projects at a national level. Bunge is based in Vinhedo, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.