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Claudia Paz y Paz

Member, GIEI

Claudia Paz y Paz was Guatemala’s first female attorney general and is currently the secretary for multidimensional security at the Organization of American States. She is a criminal law specialist, scholar, judge, and litigator who has worked for over 18 years to strengthen the justice system in Guatemala. Among other roles, she was the national consultant to the UN Mission in Guatemala. In 1994, she founded the Institute for Comparative Criminal Studies of Guatemala, a human rights organization that promotes restorative justice and protects the rights of marginalized and discriminated groups during criminal proceedings. Paz y Paz assumed leadership of Guatemala’s Public Prosecutor’s Office from December 2010 until May 2014, and pursued past and current cases against perpetrators of human rights abuses. Paz y Paz holds a PhD in criminal law and human rights from the University of Salamanca.