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Alex Camino

Chief Marketing Officer, Softtek

Alex Camino has led global marketing and communications for Softtek since 2006. As CMO, he oversees corporate communications across the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia to create one of the most successful IT brands in Latin America and bringing the nearshore industry to global prominence in the process. His team articulates value proposition and positioning strategies for the global digital markets through Softtek’s go-to-market strategy. During his 22-year career at Softtek, Alex has performed several sales and technology consultancy duties in different positions, including director for the company’s e-business unit and later as corporate director of technology. Alex is a frequent speaker at global and regional events and author of several white papers and ebooks on the topics of nearshore, business technology, total cost of engagement and customer experience in the digital world. As CMO, Alex is member of the executive committee of Softtek, a member of the board of the LatAm Alliance and of the advisory board of the Sourcing Industry Group.