Alberto “Tito” Arciniega

Alberto “Tito” Arciniega

President, Microsoft Latin America

As president for Microsoft Latin America, Alberto “Tito” Arciniega focuses on supporting and accelerating the digital journey of countries, communities, and markets in the region through technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud services, enabling Microsoft customers and ecosystem in the region to achieve more, seize opportunities, and continue growing through innovative and secure solutions. 

Arciniega has been at Microsoft for 11 years working closely with customers and partners. Prior to his current position, Tito served for 5 years as vice president of Enterprise Sales for Microsoft Latin America. During this period, he drove technology adoption, led agile innovation, and contributed to the growth of customer businesses. 

Before that, Arciniega served as worldwide vice president of Commercial Sector Industries for the Microsoft Enterprise and Partner Group, overseeing strategies, marketing, and solution development for industries such as manufacturing, financial services, retail, and consumer goods. Before joining Microsoft in 2012, Arciniega held the position of worldwide vice president for Enterprise Sales at IBM, where he led the General Business enterprise segment, focusing on hardware, software, and services globally. Prior to that, he held other roles in regions such as the Americas and Europe. 

An industrial engineer born in Peru that graduated from the University of Lima, Arciniega is passionate about people and the market. In his opinion, thoroughly understanding each customer’s business is essential to help with their transformation and digital acceleration processes, leveraging opportunities in each industry with innovative solutions that respond to the complexity of current markets. He has experience in marketing, finance, and organizational capabilities. He is a dynamic and practical leader, capable of creating solutions while managing change in highly uncertain environments. Tito enjoys traveling, playing golf, and exercising. He also loves movies, gastronomy and reading. 

Tito spends his time between Florida, Seattle, and traveling between Latin American countries. He is married to Eva and has two children, Tania, and Alejandro.