Crosscurrents: Contemporary Painting from Panama 1968-1998

Crosscurrents: Contemporary Painting from Panama 1968-1998

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Crosscurrents: Contemporary Painting from Panama 1968-1998 was an exhibition curated by Monica E. Kupfer and Edward Sullivan, which focused on the past three decades of Panamanian painting, featuring fourteen artists working in a wide variety of styles.

Since 1968, and the dramatic political, social changes that defined that moment, Panamanian painters developed a varied array of unique abstract languages. Although the artists addressed and interpreted common Panamanian themes from tropical environments to political issues, they expressed a prevalent interest in describing their own particular identities as unique and varied.

A link between North and South America as well as between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Panama’s rich history has been marked by the convergence of diverse populations and cultures. Although it didn’t become an autonomous republic until 1903, the history of pre-Hispanic and colonial artistic traditions in this region greatly nurtured the artists of the twentieth century. Panamanian artists also adopted influences from international trends that created the diverse cultural panorama of the country.

Artists Included in the Exhibition:

Brooke Alfaro, Antonio Alvarado, Caqui Calderón, Isabel de Obaldia, Roosevelt Diaz, Alfredo Sincalir, David Solis, Haydee Victoria Suescum, Tabo Toral, Emilio Torres, Guillermo Truijillo, Raul Vasquez, Julio Zachrisson, and Rodney Zelenka

An exhibition catalogue is available.

The exhibition was made possible through the generous support of Agencias Feduro, S.A; Mr and Mrs Jaime Alemán; American Airlines; Mr and Mrs Carlos Arosemena; Mr and Mrs José Manuel Baeza; Mrs Gladys P. Bendesten; Banco Continental; Banco del Istmo; Banco General, S.A; Bancolat; BANCO Nacional de Panamá; BankBoston; Mr and Mrs Rafael Barcenas; Barclays Bank, Plc; Cemento Bayano, S.A/Cemex; Cervecería Nacional, S.A; The Chase Manhattan Bank; Citibank, N.A; COPA Airlines, Mr and Mrs Roberto de la Guardia Arias; Mr and Mrs Richard A. Durling; Mr and Mrs Fernando Eleta; Felix B. Maduro, S.A; Mr and Mrs José María Fernández-Pirla; Fundación Emily Motta; Mr and Mrs Federico A. Humbert A; Ingeniería R-M, S.A; Mr and Mrs Vicente Lara Arosemena; Mrs Nita N de Lewis; Mr José F. Llopis; Lyods Bank, Plc; Mr and Mrs Steve Maduro; Meryll Lynch International; Metals, S.A; Midland Bank, Plc; Mr and Mrs Michael Mondavi; Miss Lissanna Novey; Peikard International Corp; pribanco; Refinería Panamá, S.A; Mr and Mrs Charles Richter; Mrs Gladys Sohier; Mrs Monica Stag Goulandris; Mr AND Mrs Victor Tawachi, and Varela Hermanos, S.A.

Installation views. Crosscurrents: Contemporary Painting from Panama 1968-1998. Americas Society. 1998.