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YPA: Own Your Value and Speak It – Strengthen Your Relationship Capital Skills

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

July 7, 2020



Communication skills, namely listening, understanding others, and being clear in your message, are critical in today's increased virtual world of work. They transcend all aspects of professional relationships at every career stage and all personal interactions. Now is the time to be more resilient and strategic instead of reactive with how you show up and command your ability to connect, influence, and create collaboration using your leadership voice.

Join YPA for an exclusive two-part series interactive workshop focused on communications with Carrie Moore, founder, trusted relationship capital advisor, Carrie Moore International, where she will guide, role-play, and share key tactics including:

  • The power of framing, pulsing, and pausing within your communication style
  • Combatting Virtual Room Fatigue
  • Mastering the language of success as you speak more genuinely and project a more powerful presence
  • Gain tips to remove non-value communication habits that undermine worth and negotiation power
  • Becoming a better communicator by increasing your listening skills

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