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YPA & Havana Film Festival Present: Panel and Screening on Gabriel García Márquez - The Cinephile

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

April 15, 2015


(Image: C. Zissis)

This event is free of charge, but requires prior registration. RSVP to

The Young Professionals of the Americas is partnering with the Havana Film Festival of New York on this tribute to Gabriel García Márquez, providing an opportunity to discover and learn about his involvement as screenwriter and director.

Gabo’s passion for film went beyond adaptations of his novels and short tales, and a good way to remember him is to explore his cinematic universe. This special program includes a panel discussion followed by screenings of two unique short films that portray Gabo’s own take on cinema and help discover the creative contribution that made the Nobel Prize Winner a remarkable figure among contemporary Latin American Cinema.


  • Nereo López, a legendary Colombian photographer based in New York City. Nereo worked as director of photography and actor in The Blue Lobster (1956). He will share his experiences working alongside Gabo and some Colombian intellectuals in the Barranquilla Group, an influential collective where Gabo was a key member.
  • Luciano Castillo, a Cuban film critic, programmer, and historian. Castillo is the head of the Cuban Cinematheque and an active member of the Cuban Association of Film Critics. He has published several books on Cuban and World Cinema.
  • Alan McLane (moderator), a Mexican film curator and programmer residing in Brooklyn. McLane has been involved in the New York independent film circuit as programmer for the Bushwick Film Festival and member of the jury at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival.

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