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Venezuela's Humanitarian Crisis: Charting a Way Out

Council of the Americas

June 1, 2017


(Image: Carlos Diaz/Wikicommons)

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As public protests and calls for change in Venezuela intensify and subsequent government repression increases, the Organization of American States has called an emergency meeting of regional foreign ministers on May 31 to seek ways to support peaceful change for the country. The effort, led by Secretary General Luis Almagro, is intended to avert a gathering humanitarian crisis while charting a return to democracy amid growing violence. 

Meanwhile, both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are considering legislation addressing Venezuela, and the Trump Administration is reportedly considering additional steps to support a peaceful return to democracy. Regional governments are also increasingly expressing concern.  

The next weeks will be critical, as the government pushes forward with its plan to empanel a constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution allowing the government to consolidate its rule still further.

Council of the Americas will hold a public conversation with an expert panel in the wake of the OAS meetings to discuss the path ahead for the people of Venezuela and the international community.


  • Anton Edmunds, Ambassador/Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of St. Lucia to the OAS @antonedmunds
  • Mark Feierstein, Senior Advisor, Latin America, Albright Stonebridge Group, and former Senior Director, Western Hemisphere Affairs, National Security Council @MarkFeierstein
  • Jennifer Loten, Ambassador/Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Canada to the OAS @jmaloten
  • Francisco Toro, Founder and Editor, Caracas Chronicles @QuicoToro
  • Jackson Diehl, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, The Washington Post (moderator) @JacksonDiehl

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