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Venezuela: A Plea for Action with Antonio Ledezma

Council of the Americas

November 29, 2017


Venezuela is on the brink of collapse as an authoritarian regime stymies the opposition and starves the population. Recently escaped political prisoner and civic leader Antonio Ledezma challenges the international community to crack down on the narco-dictatorship holding his country hostage. Antonio Ledezma, the democratically elected mayor of Caracas, galvanizes a civic movement aimed at confronting the regime and rallying international sanctions to hasten democratic change. For the first time since recently escaping the country, he sheds new light on a society in collapse and suggests new recipes for action.

Americas Society/Council of the Americas and AEI will hold a timely discussion with Antonio Ledezma on Venezuela’s daunting challenges. 


  • Antonio Ledezma, Soy Venezuela
  • Roger F. Noriega, Visiting Fellow, AEI
  • Eric Farnsworth, Vice President, Americas Society/Council of the Americas (introduction)

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