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Twelfth Night Festival: Meridionalis and The Bishop's Band

Americas Society

December 29, 2015


Top to bottom: The Bishop's Band, Meridionalis (Images: Roey Yohai, Julia Sverchuk)

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Admission: FREE and open to the public. Reservations not required.

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"Con la armonía del cielo: Christmas in 17th Century Guatemala," developed in collaboration with Guatemalan musicologist and colonial music expert Omar Morales Abril, features Christmas music from the archive of the Diocese of Guatemala, founded in 1534. Includes works by composers from Guatemala, Mexico, and Spain.

The Bishop's Band's reprise of the Codex project at Trinity Wall Street's Twelfth Night Festival last year was such a hit that GEMAS co-curators Sebastián Zubieta and Nell Snaidas decided to join forces on this program that celebrates early music and dance from Latin America, featuring Americas Society's in-house vocal ensemble Meridionalis and the vocal/instrumental collective The Bishop's Band.

This performance will be webcast - click on "Watch Video Live Now" in the upper right hand corner of the Trinity Wall Street homepage.

Read an overview of the 2013 Twelfth Night Festival in The New York Times.

Watch a webcast of the full performance.

This concert is part of GEMAS, a project of Americas Society and Gotham Early Music Scene devoted to early music of the Americas.


Mateo Flecha (1481-1553) La Bomba (fragment)
Tomás de Torrejón y Velasco (1644-1728) Atención
Pedro Bermúdez (1574-1604) Christus natus est nobis
P. Bermúdez Missa de Bomba
Fray Felipe de la Madre de Dios Nace y al frío
Fray Gerónimo González de Mendoza (1633-62) Si tembláis
F. G. González de Mendoza Alegandro los cielos y tierra
Manuel de Sumaya (1680-1755) Si duerme el amor
Juan Corchado (1725-1728) En mitad de la noche
Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (1590-1664) En un portal mal cubierto
F. Felipe de la Madre de Dios Oh, qué bien si a la escarcha se hiela



Elizabeth Baber, Laura Heimes, Nell Snaidas sopranos
Patrick Fennig, Kirsten Sollek altos
Steven Caldicott-Wilson, Sebastián Zubieta tenors
Jesse Blumberg, Taylor Ward basses
Priscilla Herreid recorder/shawm
Clay Zeller-Townson bajón
Grant Herreid, Charles Weaver guitars
Christa Patton harp
Dong Sok Shin organ
Danny Mallon percussion
S. Zubieta, N. Snaidas directors
Tom Zajac founder


The Bishop's Band, "Cachua al nacimiento: Dennos lecencia señores" 


Meridionalis, "In Horrore" by Francisco López Capillas.