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SoundArt: From Costa Rica to NYC

Americas Society

February 1, 2019


Susan Campos-Fonseca (Image: H.Malik)

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Admission: Free and open to the public.

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This concert, curated by Carlos José Castro Mora and Edmundo Ramírez, features music by Costa Rican composers, and displays the variety of influences and expression of the country's contemporary musicians. The program includes acoustic and mixed-media pieces by Susan Campos-Fonseca, Rocío Sanz Quirós, Pilar Aguilar, Valeria Bregón, and Carlos José Castro Mora, performed by Ramírez, the Bleecker String Quartet, and SoundArt.NYC.



Susan Campos-Fonseca 
Espino Blanco: for viola d'amore and electronics
               Viola d’amore: Edmundo Ramírez

Rocío Sanz Quiros:
Piezas Breves: for string quartet
Pilar Aguilar:
Second Movement: from String Quartet #1
Valeria Bregón:
La Arquera: for string quartet
               Bleecker String Quartet
Carlos José Castro Mora:
Ocho Piezas y un Epilogo: for guitar
          1. "Recuerdas"
          2. "Ascenso"
          3. "Como Brisa de Montaña"
          4. "Arrullo"
          5. "Parrandera"
Carlos José Castro Mora, guitar
Carlos José Castro Mora
String Quartet #1: El Canto del Awa: 1-Kerwa: based on a Bri-bri song 
               Bleecker String Quartet
Megman Music (Manny Oquendo)/Arr. Edmundo Ramírez:
Electronic Cumbia: for electronics and string quartet
Edmundo Ramírez:
Bri-Bri Song Mix: for electronics and string quartet
               SoundArt.NYC (electro-acoustic ensemble), and guest violist, Pedro Vizzarro Vallejos

SoundArt.NYC / Edmundo Ramírez
SoundArt.NYC is a music collaborative ensemble that explores  new paths for creativity, combining new and old instrumental technologies. The project is led by Multi instrumentalist/Composer Edmundo Ramírez and Producer/Musician MegManMusic, and features ensembles such as the Bleecker String Quartet. 


About Composers Now
Composers Now empowers all living composers, celebrates the diversity of their voices and honors the significance of their contributions to the cultural fabric of society. Founder and Artistic Director, Tania León, has lead the organization since 2010. The organization features a broad spectrum of performances in concert halls, jazz mobiles, opera stages, experimental spaces, conservatories, museums, and other musical venues.