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Santiago Private Luncheon on Women's Economic Empowerment 

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

June 25, 2014


(Image: Jesus Inostroza)

The Americas Society and Council of the Americas (AS/COA) Women's Hemispheric Network hosted a private luncheon on women's economic empowerment on June 25 in Santiago.

This luncheon convened a select group of public and private sector leaders as well as promising young talents from a variety of sectors to discuss the current opportunities and challenges professional women face in the workforce. Susan Segal, president and CEO of AS/COA, led the lunch discussion and the guests of honor were Ximena Rincón, Chile’s minister secretary-general of the presidency and Myriam Gomez, executive director of Fundación Imagen de Chile. They shared personal experiences about maintaining a work-life balance, creating networks, assuming board positions, and providing support to their female employees.

The AS/COA Women's Hemispheric Network is dedicated to inspiring young professional women with leadership potential, ages 22 to 35, by having successful women leaders share their personal stories. In creating this regional network for professional women, we are encouraging role models and leaders to inspire a generation of young professional women to remain and succeed in the workforce.

The Santiago de Chile luncheon will be followed by the Women’s Hemispheric Network's Third Annual Workshop and Networking in New York on October 3, 2014. We will also present round tables in Mexico City and Miami.

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