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Powering the Energy Transition: Mining and Resource Management in Latin America

Council of the Americas

July 11, 2019


(Image: World Bank Group)

Lower-carbon energy systems are both increasingly in demand and mineral-intensive. Global renewable capacity is projected to grow by over 1 terawatt from 2018 to 2023, according to the World Bank. At the same time, electric vehicles, PV cells, and battery technologies that power flexible and diversified energy matrixes will require massive amounts of base and niche minerals. Mineral-rich emerging economies have an opportunity to capture value from this surge through sustainable and reliable processes across mining value chains. 

Council of the Americas will hold a discussion with the extractive industries team of the World Bank to explore this synergy between mining sector governance and energy transitions in Latin America. The Bank recently launched an initiative to assist governments with the capacities, best practices, and strategies for sustainable mining to meet future energy demands. The Bank would like to engage the private sector in its initiative by gathering input from the business community on the practices that it can take to governments. From transportation, to manufacturing, telecommunications, and utilities, this is an important discussion for any industry interested in lower-carbon, energy-efficient systems and the mineral inputs that form them.

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