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Music of the Americas: En Casa, May 4–8

Americas Society

May 4 - 8, 2020


M.Vilas (Image: Roey Yohai Studios)

Music of the Americas continues its online video series En Casa (At Home), featuring original daily performances with musicians from around the Americas, and Recuerdos (Memories), weekly releases of memorable past performances at the Americas Society, some for the first time.

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Monday, May 4, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Felipe Lara

We are lucky enough to share the second bossa nova video Felipe Lara sent us featuring Baden Powell’s classic “Samba triste”.

En Casa: Felipe Lara “Samba triste” (Powell) 

Monday, May 4, 6 p.m.
Webcast: La Cultura Durante la Crisis – El Rol de los Gobiernos Locales

In this week’s panel discussion, we have assembled prominent culture ministers, including Enrique Avogadro, Danielle Barros, Magdalena Moreno, and Ramiro Pallares, to discuss what they are doing and what they are planning to do to support their audiences and artists.
Note: This panel will take place in Spanish. No registration is required. 

Tuesday, May 5, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Pablo Aslan

Argentinean bassist and composer Pablo Aslan sent us a beautiful solo version of the tango Racing Club from his studio in Brooklyn. This tango, honoring one of the most traditional football clubs in Argentina (Sebastián Zubieta’s mother is a fan), was first recorded over 100 years ago. Knowing where Pablo’s football heart lies, Zubieta truly thanks him for having chosen Racing and not another team whose name will not be mentioned. Oh, and it is also his birthday. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! 

En Casa: Pablo Aslan – Racing Club tango (Argentina)

Wednesday, May 6, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Juancho Herrera

New York-based Venezuelan guitarist and composer Juancho Herrera routinely tours the world with a variety of artists and released a wonderful solo album a few years ago. From Budapest where he is riding out the pandemic, he sent us this mysteriously un-mariachi version of Cuco Sanchez’s procrustean classic "Cama de piedra".  

En Casa: Juancho Herrera – “Cama de piedra” (Sanchez)

Thursday, May 7, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Edward Simon

Venezuelan pianist and composer Edward Simon is a firm believer in the healing power of music, something that we need now more than ever. From his studio in California, he sent us a wonderful version of GIllespie's classic “Con alma”, a piece that is at once subdued and intricate. You will want to hear the misleading ending of Edward's version! 

En Casa: Edward Simon – “Con alma” (Gillespie)

Thursday, May 7, 6:30 p.m.
Recuerdos: Favored Folk Phenomena

We dive into our video archives and explore the plethora of folk music, choosing some of our favorite performances. 

Two musicians-researchers of different generations dedicated to their countries’ folk music make up today's Recuerdos. Juan Falú is part of a legendary Argentinean musical family, and he visited us a few years ago. He plays this "Zamba" by Daniel Rodríguez with characteristic restraint and grace. Rafa Pino y El Macuare delve into the intricacies of Venezuelan folk styles as we can see in "Viernes de quincena" from their 2019 Music of the of the Americas concert. 

Recuerdos: Folk Music: Juan Falú & Rafa Pino

Friday, May 8, 10 a.m.
En Casa: Manuel Vilas

Manuel also sent us this video of a Zarabanda by Antonio Martín y Coll, an influential Spanish baroque composer, best known for a monumental collection of popular keyboard pieces, poetically called “Flores musicales”, which he published in the first half of the 1700s. The zarabanda has an interesting transatlantic story: what the church thought at the time of this "lascivious" dance is first mentioned in a poem written in Panama in 1539. From there, it went to Europe, where it remained very popular with composers from Monteverdi to Bach well into the eighteenth century and has made occasional appearances in later music. We would also like to point out that the curtain next to Manuel is printed with chant.  

En Casa: Manuel Vilas – Zarabanda (Martín y Coll)