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Canada's Federal Elections: Issues, Projections, and Implications for Hemispheric Relations

Council of the Americas

October 1, 2015


Watch the live webcast on the Wilson Center website.

Canada’s federal election campaign is in full swing, with the three main national parties in an unusually tight three-way race. After nine years in office, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is vying for a fourth term, while the leaders of the New Democratic Party and the Liberal Party are competing to end Conservative Party rule. Whether voters opt for continuity or a significant political shift, the results will matter to Washington, North America, and the broader hemisphere. 

The Council of the Americas, the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center, and the Canadian Council for the Americas will hold a public program on Canada’s October 19 federal election. A panel of leading Canadian analysts will preview the potential outcomes and the implications for both Canadian politics and foreign relations.


  • Yanick Dumont-Baron, Washington Correspondent, French CBC
  • Kenneth Frankel, President, Canadian Council for the Americas
  • Jonathan Kay, Editor-in-Chief, Walrus Magazine
  • Nik Nanos, Founder, Nanos Research; Global Fellow, Canada Institute
  • Eric Farnsworth, Vice President, Americas Society/Council of the Americas
  • Laura Dawson, Director, Canada Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center (moderator)

To register: Online with the Wilson Center.