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Mexico 2013 Blog: Panel - The North American Energy Landscape

(Photo: Keith Dannemiller)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

During the final panel of AS/COA's 2013 Mexico City conference, panelists discussed challenges in Mexico's energy sector, and how energy reforms should drive economic growth and competitiveness in Mexico.

Juan Pablo del Valle, chairman of Mexichem, noted that priority should be given to economic value with a view toward environmental sustainability. Competitiveness should be the base of the energy sector, he said.

Enrique Hidalgo, president of ExxonMobil Ventures, explained that while energy reforms may come from within Mexico, it is important to remember that it is a global sector. Worldwide demand requires developing multiple types of energy, which Mexico should be doing, he said. However, challenges such as a shortage of engineers and poverty in areas of exploration should be addressed, he noted.

Mexico Tania Ortiz, vice president of Sempra Energy, echoed Hidalgo, saying energy reform and investments should also focus on areas such as electricity and wind energy. She also pointed out that in North America, the gas supply must be expanded.

Watch a video of the panel: