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2014 Santiago Blog: Chile's Energy Minister Máximo Pacheco

Chilean Minister of Energy Máximo Pacheco. (Image: Jesus Inostroza)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Chile's Energy Minister Máximo Pacheco said that today Chile could no longer define its position “only through Excel spreadsheets.” Different indicators and factors must be considered, taking into account social and cultural concerns, as well as economic and financial ones.

The Southern Cone country has an energy deficit that explains the very high price of energy for businesses as well as retail consumers. For this reason, said Pacheco, the government lowered entry barriers to the energy generation market to allow new actors and updated technologies to enter Chile’s energy sector.

In order for renewables to play the role the government believes they should in Chile’s future, authorities must design regulation that spurs a greater mix of energy sources in the country’s energy matrix, he said. Learn more about Chile’s energy reform plan.


Watch a video of Pacheco's remarks.