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Why Latin America's Corruption Crackdown Is At RiskAnd How To Save It, In the New Issue of Americas Quarterly 

Americas Quarterly- Anti-Corruption Issue

July 22, 2019

New York, NY, July 22, 2019—"About five years ago, something strange started happening throughout Latin America: Powerful people began going to jail for corruption," writes Brian Winter, editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly (AQ) in its latest edition. "Today, that hopeful story is at risk."

After high-profile scandals sparked historic progress against impunity across the region, there are growing signs the movement could fall short of ensuring long-term change. For its third issue of 2019, Americas Quarterly —the leading publication on politics, business, and culture in the Americas—examines Latin America's anti-corruption movement at a critical moment and takes an honest look at why it's losing momentum.

Along the way, the 115-page issue explores the reforms needed to sustain the hard gains won and the people whose efforts to expose and prosecute corruption are helping keep the movement alive. AQ editor-in-chief Brian Winter examines the major trends defining the anti-corruption movement in 2019. Roberto Simon travels deep into the Peruvian jungle to meet a prosecutor struggling to dismantle a corruption scheme that’s destroying the rainforest. Cecilia Tornaghi goes inside the criminal mind of a convicted white-collar criminal. Ben Miller and Fernanda Uriegas offer a retrospective of the past decade's most iconic Latin American corruption cases. Charles Newbery explores Latin America's booming compliance industry. Daniela da Silva and Pedro Abramovay outline corruption's threats to democracy. Finally, Brendan O'Boyle, Emilie Sweigart, and Benjamin Russell run down the anti-corruption reforms with the best track records in Latin America. Other articles in this issue include:

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