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VOA: Eric Farnsworth, "I think [Evo Morales] Has a Mixed Legacy"

Bolivia Evo Morales


November 22, 2019

Eric Farnsworth, vice president of AS/COA, spoke with Carol Castiel of Voice of America's Encounter podcast about the situation in Bolivia after Evo Morales stepped down from the presidency.

"I think he has a mixed legacy, but broadly positive in many ways," Farnsworth said. "The problem is he didn’t really know when to leave. He became too comfortable in power, and he began to take steps that would ensure that he would remain in power."

Farnsworth added that Morales presided over a period of economic growth related to commodities. When asked about Bolivia’s interim leader, Jeanine Áñez, Farnsworth said that her ascension does appear to be in the line of succession, according to the Bolivian Constitution. He said that her role should be to bring the country together to run a "free and fair election" because Bolivia is a "polarized society."