Report: Japan, the United States, and the New Latin America

The publication explores how partnerships between democracies can increase prosperity.

This report identifies the political, social, and economic challenges that Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) continues to face, yet it offers a hopeful outlook connected to promise of Japan as a major trading partner and investor seeking to promote development and democracy.

There are windows of opportunity for the newly established administrations in the region. In order to transform their monetary and fiscal policies, spur economic growth, attract foreign investment, and integrate their economies into the global market, new governments must welcome cooperation efforts from dependable partners. 

Japan can be a reliable partner and has the potential to adopt an active role in LAC with the abundant renewable energy resources, emerging advanced technology, and nearshoring opportunities available in the region. As a democratic state with expertise in economic and democratic development and cooperation, Japan is a suitable investor for the region’s diverse industries. Its leadership in technology, digital transformation, and green energy makes Japan well-positioned to enhance the region’s competitiveness in innovation and strengthen its capacity to address any social and economic challenges from Covid-19 and other geopolitical issues.


Key takeaways from this report:

  • Recent political shifts and economic challenges in LAC call for more cooperation and engagement efforts between new governments and the private sector.
  • LAC can benefit from nearshoring to achieve economic growth with investment from reliable partners like Japan.
  • LAC has an increasing potential to export renewable energy resources. Investment opportunities in the region range from digital infrastructure, manufacturing, and clean energy.