Q&A: The Chilean Architects Building High-Rises—Out of Wood

By Emilie Sweigart

A 12-story wood building in Patagonia will be the first of its kind in the country.

This article is adapted from AQ’s special report on Lula and Latin America Architects Gerardo Armanet and Juan José Ugarte, co-founders of the Tallwood firm, designed a 12-story wood building that will be the first of its kind in Chile. Armanet talked to AQ about their project, Edificio Tamango. This interview was edited for clarity and length. Americas Quarterly: Why choose wood to develop a high-rise Gerardo Armanet, co-founder of the Tallwood firm Gerardo Armanet: Wood is the only structural material that is renewable, insulates well, and also captures carbon....

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