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Private Sector Ideas for Fighting Corruption in Latin America

How to Fight Corruption, AS/COA Anti-Corruption Working Group report

August 27, 2019

Latin America’s recent crackdown on corruption has brought the role of prosecutors, judges, and other public officials to the fore. However, for the region to truly consolidate recent gains and build a stronger capacity to combat corruption, the private sector will also play a vital role. Companies will have to help create institutions and norms to better detect, punish, and prevent corruption.

With this challenge in mind, AS/COA’s Anticorruption Working Group (AWG) convened a meeting of senior private sector leaders in May 2019 in New York to discuss practical steps to reduce corruption in the region. We wanted participants to discuss private sector solutions to specific problems that increase opportunities for graft—from red tape to unregulated relations between money and politics. This report is based on the input received at the meeting, and it focuses on nine objective recommendations to prevent and punish corruption in Latin America.

The following content does not necessarily reflect the unanimous view of the event participants, AS/COA, or its members. But it is based on a shared understanding that the private sector will have to play a key role in Latin America’s efforts to fight corruption through the strengthening of the rule of law and democracy.

AS/COA’s AWG is an action-oriented network focused on producing concrete results and contributing to the reduction of corruption in Latin America. The AWG navigates Latin America’s evolving anti-corruption movement by convening the region’s top corruption fighters and corporate leaders who are determined to see the historic crackdown on graft continue.

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