President Biden Prepares to Undo Trump's Latin America Policy. How Far Will He Go?

By David C Adams

New regulations will be welcomed "cheerfully" by the immigration advocacy community in the United States, said AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth to Univision.

Unless you have been living on another planet it will have become obvious by now that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are very different…

“Biden’s new regulations will be welcomed cheerfully by the immigration advocacy community in the United States, but the incentives have shifted overnight if you are a potential immigrant,” said Eric Farnsworth, who heads the Washington office of the Council of the Americas, an influential business organization…

“The current political environment in Honduras presents serious challenges for US foreign assistance programs and objectives, particularly in the priority areas of governance and security,” according to a recent report by the Wilson Center in Washington.

“That’s going to create some difficult moments,” said Farnsworth, who noted that Democrats could run the political risk of being accused by Trump supporters of failing to protect U.S. borders. “But Biden’s not going to open the borders to everyone, that’s nonsense,” he added…

“Biden has got so many urgent things to worry about now domestically that he’s not going to spend his political capital on Venezuela or Cuba,” said Farnsworth. “This isn’t going to be the first order of business,” he added.

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