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The Invisible Crisis: A Special Report on Water from Americas Quarterly

The Invisible Crisis

October 21, 2019

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New York, NY, October 21, 2019 — “In theory, Latin America really shouldn’t be facing a water crisis – it’s home to 30% of the world’s fresh water, and just 8% of its population,” writes Americas Quarterly’s (AQ) editor-in-chief Brian Winter in its latest issue, launching today. Centering around the politics of water in Latin America, and highlighting innovative solutions for the water crisis in the region, this issue features stories about the relationship water has with communities, governments, and corporations throughout the hemisphere. 

AQ sent journalists to the three cities in Latin America that are in danger of running out of water entirely. In Mexico City, senior editor Benjamin Russell explores a growing underground water market fueled by water scarcity. Managing editor Cecilia Tornaghi tells the story of an unexpected corporate response to drought in São Paulo. And in Lima, Simeon Tegel looks at   a centuries-old, pre-Incan technology that promises to help the city avoid catastrophe. AQ also sent Seth Kugel to Medellín to find out how the city became a model for water management, and how other cities can follow suit. AQ’s Brendan O’Boyle looks at some of Latin America’s most-polluted bodies of water, and Emilie Sweigart and Ben Miller provide a country-by-country overview of how eight governments are handling water-related challenges. And the FAO’s former Director-General José Graziano da Silva argues that agriculture is a major casualty of water scarcity ­– and also a cause.

Other articles in this issue include: 

  • An op-ed from David Rockefeller Jr. on four strategies for protecting water.
  • AQ Top 5: Five political satirists making Latin Americans laugh. 
  • The Long View: Isabel Perón’s Unlikely Guru

The feature content is online now, and the issue will be available in its entirety on October 29, 2019 at

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