Cover of AS/COA Healthcare Series 2020 report


Innovative and Sustainable Healthcare: The Future of Health Systems in Latin America

AS/COA's Healthcare Series offers recommendations for governments, providers, and stakeholders to address inefficiencies and inequities in the region's health systems.

In the midst of COVID-19, there is urgency to address the inefficiencies and inequities in the region’s health systems. The region is grappling to address the economic and social impacts of the virus outbreak as it has become the new global hotspot. Governments must work together to mobilize resources to minimize the long-term effects and protect the most vulnerable. Within this context of this unprecedented global health emergency, collaboration between the public and private sectors is needed more than ever before.

AS/COA is launching its first Healthcare Series report with key recommendations for governments and health system stakeholders in the region to address the inefficiencies and inequalities in the region’s health sector. The report is a product of program conducted in the United States, Colombia, and Brazil with health ministers and leaders from the private sector, multilateral organizations, and others.

Key takeaways from the Healthcare Series report include:

  • Improve collaboration between health and finance ministries
  • Transition to a patient-centered care model
  • Shift the model from disease management to health promotion
  • Minimize healthcare system fragmentation to improve quality
  • Invest in digital intervention to strengthen the management of regional health information systems
  • Strengthen regulatory capacity for government and industry to collaborate through public-private partnerships
  • Promote good governance in healthcare management
  • Develop local R&D facilities and innovation ecosystems
  • Invest in the development of health specialists and telemedicine

AS/COA’s Healthcare Series addresses key challenges and growing opportunities in healthcare across the Americas through private meetings with policy makers, roundtable discussions, and public forums. It features experts and leaders from government, industry, and academia to promote dialogue on innovative and sustainable healthcare in Latin America. The Series will culminate in a set of policy recommendations to be shared with stakeholders.

The Series provides a platform for COA corporate members to engage with key stakeholders on best practices in meeting the growing demand for access to quality healthcare, and creating innovative solutions that promote inclusion, competitiveness, and regional economic development.

Key themes:

  • Innovation in healthcare
    • Health as a driver of social and economic growth
    • The role of enabling conditions in supporting health innovation
    • Using data to support evidence-based health policy
    • Digitalization of healthcare
  • Sustainability of healthcare
    • Innovative healthcare financing models
    • Financing healthcare innovation: impact, challenges, and opportunities

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