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Index Scores Latin America's Ability to Fight Corruption

July 26, 2019

For decades corruption has plagued countries across Latin America, being a constant refrain that strikes down nations' political and business leaders. The topic was a major issue in last year's national elections in Brazil and Mexico.

Now, a newly released study aims to help countries in the region find a pathway to tackling and reducing corruption.

Authors of the Capacity to Combat Corruption Index, released this week by the Americas Society and the Council of the Americas, organizations dedicated to raising public awareness on issues affecting the Western Hemisphere, and Control Risks, a global risk consulting firm, hope the study will help show successful strategies to reduce corruption.

"If we put countries in a comparative perspective, we can look at particular aspects at where countries are successful and other challenging areas where countries can do better," said Roberto Simon, senior director of policy at AS/COA...

"Our goal was not to shame countries or to denounce them, or anything like that," Simon said. "It was most of all to trigger a policy-oriented discussion about how to improve countries' capacity to fight corruption."...

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