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FOX Business: Eric Farnsworth on Venezuela, "[Maduro] has trashed the economy"

February 27, 2019

Eric Farnsworth, AS/COA vice president, spoke with Fox Business about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and why disputed Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro needs to step down. "The real issue is what needs to be done by the international community to get Maduro... out of Venezuela, where he has trashed the economy. He has turned it into a pariah state," said Farnsworth. 

He also touched upon the humanitarian aid and the reaction of the Maduro regime towards international aid. "We're dealing with an authoritarian regime here which is desperate to maintain itself in office and will essentially do anything that it needs to in order to do that," said Eric Farnsworth. "They'd rather shoot their own citizens than let them have needed food and medicine."

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