Exiles March in Solidarity in Miami Ahead of Monday Protest in Cuba

By Nora Gámez Torres

"The protests are broad based…they may well gather momentum, challenging the regime to the core," said AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth to the Miami Herald.

The Cuban government and the opposition are on a clashing path this weekend.

Authorities are conducting widespread police interrogations, detentions and so called acts of repudiation in anticipation of an opposition march planned for Monday that the government has said it will not allow because it claims it is part of a U.S. interventionist plan.

Cubans in several cities worldwide have organized demonstrations in solidarity with the Cuban people and the young artists and activists of Archiepiélago, the group that called the march. The authorities have already threatened to imprison Yunior García Aguilera, one of the Archipiélago leaders, who announced his intentions to walk alone Sunday…

“This time may be different. The regime is reacting out of fear, not confidence,” said Eric Farnsworth, vice president of the Council of the Americas in Washington. “For the first time in memory, the repressive measures they took after July 11 have not worked, and they have doubled down on threats and pre-emptive actions. The protests are broad based, and if they cannot be contained, they may well gather momentum, challenging the regime to the core.”…

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