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Estado de Derecho, Crecimiento Económico y Prosperidad

February 29, 2008

Estado de DerechoEstado de Derecho, Crecimiento Económico y Prosperidad documents the findings of the AS/COA Rule of Law Working Group. In 2006 and 2007, lawyers, corporate counsels, academics and other experts regularly met to analyze the rule of law in the hemisphere and identify positive examples and recommendations for its improvement. The book is a good primer for those interested in an overview of the hemisphere’s new developments in the rule of law and country-specific examples of new initiatives. It looks at the rule of law as it affects investment, and economic growth, and as a public good that is particularly important for small investors and citizens.

Chaired by Antonia Stolper and Mark Walker—both Latin American legal experts—this initiative and the book serve as an ongoing dialogue with counterparts across the Americas.

The book can be purchased through the publisher, Jorge Pinto Books, and is available in