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CPAC: Eric Farnsworth, "[Maduro's] Game Is Political and Ideological"

April 14, 2019

Eric Farnsworth vice president of AS/COA, spoke with CPAC's Perspective with Alison Smith about Venezuela's current situation. Farnsworth spoke about Nicolás Maduro's reason for not accepting the aid: "His game is political and it's ideological. If he can keep aid out of the country that’s desperately needed, he can make the claim that there’s no need for the aid and that there’s no crisis in Venezuela, and that the Chavista revolution can, in fact, deliver benefits to the people of Venezuela."

Farnsworth also spoke about the international communities' role in the Venezuela crisis. "Cuba, China, and Russia have already intervened. In particular, the Cubans have fully integrated themselves into Venezuela’s security services, into their military, and into the basic state functions... the Cubans really know who is doing what in Venezuela and keep tabs on people and can frankly try to keep the military and intelligent services from working to overthrow Maduro." 

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