COA Welcomes Letter to President Trump on NAFTA by Former SOUTHCOM and NORTHCOM Commanders

The letter, sent by a group of senior national security leaders, urges U.S. President Donald Trump to keep the United States in NAFTA.

Council of the Americas welcomes the letter sent by a group of senior leaders from the national security establishment urging U.S. President Donald Trump to keep the United States in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and to strengthen the agreement as a matter of national security. “Without NAFTA, cooperation with our North American neighbors will be less likely, weakening our ability to confront security challenges,” write the senior leaders in the letter delivered to the White House.

The ten signatories are former commanders of the U.S. Northern Command and the U.S. Southern Command who have been at the forefront in leading cooperation efforts to reduce undocumented immigration, combat organized crime, and identify ways to address counterterrorism challenges.

They are:

General Bantz J. Craddock, Commander, SOUTHCOM (2004-2006)
General Douglas M. Fraser, Commander, SOUTHCOM (2009-2012)
Admiral William E. Gortney, Commander, NORTHCOM (2014-2016)
General James T. Hill, Commander, SOUTHCOM (2002-2004)
Admiral Timothy J. Keating, Commander, NORTHCOM (2004-2007)
General Barry R. McCaffrey, Commander, SOUTHCOM (1994-1996)
General Victor E. Renuart, Commander, NORTHCOM (2007-2010)
Admiral James G. Stavridis, Commander, SOUTHCOM (2006-2009)
General Charles E. Wilhelm, Commander, SOUTHCOM (1997-2000)
Admiral James A. Winnefeld Jr., Commander, NORTHCOM (2010-2011)

Download a pdf of the letter.

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