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China and Latin America 2.0: What the Next Phase of the Relationship May Look Like, In the New Issue of Americas Quarterly

Americas Quarterly - China Issue

April 23, 2019

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New York, April 23, 2019 — For its second issue of 2019, Americas Quarterly (AQ)—the leading publication on politics, business, and culture in the hemisphere—explores where Latin American countries stand in their relationship with China. “China is now Latin America’s second-biggest trading partner behind only the United States. For many countries, it has been #1 for years,” says Editor-in-Chief Brian Winter. However, there are also signs of backlash. “A reset, rather than a rupture, looks like the most likely path forward. It seems China is in Latin America to stay,” says Winter.

The 116-page issue explores the Sino-Latin American relationship from an economic, political, and cultural perspective, including pieces by authors from Latin America, the U.S., and China. Richard Lapper explains why Jair Bolsonaro’s tone on China has changed now that he’s in office. Margaret Myers argues that China’s interest in the region has cooled and that they are seeking ties with a wider range of economic partners. Eric Farnsworth outlines the reasons for the U.S. to be concerned about China’s presence in the region. Lucia He investigates the role Confucius Institutes play in bridging China’s soft power gap in Latin America. Francisco Monaldi explores how China can play a constructive role in Venezuela and Benjamin Russell writes about China’s growing interest in Central America and particularly in El Salvador.

Other articles on this issue include:

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