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Chávez’s Second Surgery Successful, Vice President Says

February 28, 2012

Hugo Chavez’s most recent cancer surgery was successful, his vice president said Tuesday, as international attention again focuses on the Venezuelan leader’s health as he prepares a re-election bid in October.

“President Chavez is in good physical condition,” Elias Jaua said before the National Assembly...

...Speaking at the Council of the Americas on Tuesday in Washington, Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman - the State Department’s No. 3 official - said she was not privy to any special information about Mr. Chavez’s health, which she called a “private matter.”

“I read just today that it appears the surgery went well, and everyone would hope that he recovers and life moves on,” Ms. Sherman said in response to a question from The Washington Times.

“We obviously have a difference of view about what the future of Venezuela ought to be,” she said. “There is a vigorous opposition in Venezuela, but the choice is really for the people of Venezuela. It is not a choice for us to make as to where their country will go and what the leadership of their country will look like.”