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Brian Winter on Monocle 24: "If You're Looking at Latin America, It Is Not a Boring Time"

The Americas Quarterly editor-in-chief talked with "The Stack" podcast about the magazine's pluralistic approach at a crucial time for the region.

(Winter quoted at 12:37). 

Brian Winter, Americas Quarterly editor-in-chief and AS/COA vicepresident, spoke to Fernando Augusto Pacheco from Monocle 24's The Stack podcast about the mission of the magazine. 

"If you're looking at Latin America, it is not a boring time," Winter said. "[There is] a bit of trouble in terms of economies being stagnant and politics being volatile. I guess the good part of that is it gives us no shortage of topics to write about."

Winter explained that Americas Quarterly "is very pluralistic, because we think that’s where the best insight about Latin America comes fromfrom a wide variety of voices," adding that the magazine publishes articles by authors "from the center left, through the center, to the center right."

The latest issue focuses on armed forces in Latin America becoming more visible in politics. "In this issue, we did what we like to do at Americas Quarterly, which is take a regional comparative look and ask ourselves, 'Why are the militaries back at the forefront of politics again?'"