Approval Rating Update: Argentina's Alberto Fernández

By Luisa Horwitz

Six months into his term and amid the pandemic, the president's approval stands as high as 78 percent, per polls we examined.

It’s been six months since President Alberto Fernández took the reins in Argentina, and what a start to a presidency it’s been. The head of state, a Peronist who unseated incumbent Mauricio Macri, saw his 100-day honeymoon end just as the COVID-19 pandemic began, bringing health and economic punches: nearly 17,000 confirmed coronavirus cases as of May 31, a debt-restructuring task, and a projected 7–point economic contraction in 2020.

Despite these formidable challenges, Fernández maintains strong approval, hitting as much as 78 percent in the most recent polls charted by AS/COA Online below.