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Americas Society Awards Gold Insigne to President of Argentina

(Image: Roey Yohai Photography)

November 08, 2017

Mauricio Macri recognized for his outstanding leadership in Argentina and throughout the hemisphere

New York, November 8, 2017—Americas Society awarded the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri the Gold Insigne, the organization’s highest honor, in recognition of his extraordinary achievements and transformative leadership in Argentina and throughout the hemisphere. The award presentation took place on November 7 at a special ceremony that brought together over 150 guests at the Americas Society’s landmark building in New York. Watch a video of the ceremony.

"I cannot think of a statesman who is more deserving of the Gold Insigne than President Macri," said Americas Society/Council of the Americas President and CEO Susan Segal. "His visionary leadership has reinstated Argentina as a central player on hemispheric and global issues. He is not only transforming the country today but, of equal importance, providing the framework to drive forward those political, economic, and social transformations well into the future."

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Susan Segal was joined by AS/COA Chairman Emeritus William R. Rhodes while presenting the Gold Insigne to the president. "Since taking office in December of 2015, you have stabilized the economy, returning the country to growth, reducing inflation, and reinserting Argentina into the global economy," said Rhodes. "Your decision to commence the process to join the OECD to ensure the continuation of the reform process and global integration is an example of your strong commitment to sustained growth and development."

"I really believe this distinction is deserved by the Argentines who believe in their future, who don't accept resignation as a possibility, and who think this is a definitive opportunity to develop the country," said President Macri in his remarks before a select audience of private-sector representatives. "This is the moment you have to be down there investing and betting on our future. It will be our future."

Following the award presentation, President Macri was interviewed by award-winning journalist and television anchor Charlie Rose. Americas Society’s Gold Insigne is awarded to democratically elected heads of state from the Western Hemisphere whose exceptional leadership has had a deep and long-lasting impact in their country and the lives of its people. The Gold Insigne honors distinguished leaders who excel at promoting greater social, political, and cultural awareness of the realities of both their countries and the region.  Past honorees of the Gold Insigne have included Raúl Alfonsín, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Ricardo Lagos, Michelle Bachelet, Felipe Calderón, and Juan Manuel Santos.

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