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The Face of Venezuela's Youth Uprising

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

March 8, 2019


(Image: Rafaela Requesens Twitter)

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Join us for a discussion on what’s next for Venezuela with prominent student leader Rafaela Requesens, who is leading several of the youth protests against Nicolás Maduro’s regime.

On International Women's Day, don't miss this opportunity to hear from the second female student to ever hold the position of president of the Federation of Students of the Central University of Venezuela. In June 2017, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation recognized Rafaela as "the face of Venezuela's youth uprising."

Rafaela was an important figure of the 2017 Venezuelan protests, along with her brother Juan Requesens, and has since become a prominent democracy activist. She will share her perspective on the current situation in Venezuela, political prisoners, and the role of youth movements in restoring democracy.

Shortly after the election of Juan Guaidó to the National Assembly, and with Maduro refusing to step down as president, Requesens led students in a protest co-hosted by Guaidó's Popular Will party, calling Maduro a "usurper" and closing off roads. She asked for people of all political affiliations to work together on a youth rally, and with the support of foreign governments, in order to "restore democracy." Requesens said that the opposition "does not seek confrontation" and that the protests were "not a fight between chavistas and the opposition; [they're] a fight for Venezuela."

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